What Can Be Done When a Toothache Occurs At Night Or On the Weekend?

A woman with a bad toothacheIf you get a toothache on the weekend or at night in the Milwaukee area, or any other day a dentist’s office is closed, there are options for you. When you are able to figure out what you can do, it will help you feel more at ease because it’s easier to get something done about a problem right away.

The first thing to do is figure out if you can get a hold of your dentist on an emergency basis. Call your dentist’s office and even if they’re closed see if they have some kind of a message on the answering machine to let you know who to call if there’s a problem. If that doesn’t work, then you can try to contact an emergency dental center if there is one in your area. Sometimes it may just not work out to where there are any dentists available, and if that’s the case there is still hope.

Get to the hospital if you have an infection or think you may and you cannot find any other way to get help. Before doing this, since it may be expensive to pay for, try some over the counter remedies. First get some clove oil and see if you can rub that on the area to numb the pain. They also make numbing agents and OTC pain medications. If all else fails the hospital can at least get you through the weekend and if there’s an infection get you started on antibiotics.

Learning this advice is a must if you’re going to want to get help with a toothache on a weekend or holiday. This can be a pain to deal with, but it’s much better than suffering. Keep this advice handy just in case something comes up on an emergency basis.