24 Hour Pediatric Dentistry in the Milwaukee Area

image_childrensChildren can injure themselves at the most unexpected moments, and the shock and pain of an injury can easily send them into hysterics. When your child injures or damages a tooth, it may be virtually impossible to console him. Under such circumstances, the best thing that you can do is to bring him to our dental office as quickly as possible.

Teeth that have been chipped or knocked out can be quite painful, and younger children may not understand what is going on. If a tooth has come out, first determine whether it was a baby tooth or a permanent one. We may be able to re-implant a permanent tooth if you bring your child in to our office right away.

Rinse the root of the tooth in cold water and try to place it back in the socket. Your child can bite down on some gauze to keep the tooth in place while you bring him to our office. If a baby tooth has been knocked out, we will not try to re-implant it, since it would have come out anyway. However, the trauma of the injury still needs to be dealt with.

Any dental injury needs immediate attention if the long-term consequences are to be kept to a minimum. As soon as you can, bring your child to our office. We will make sure that he receives the highest level of care. You can sit with your child to help him stay calm as we treat his injury.

Emergency dental care for children in Milwaukee is available at all hours of day or night. Children can hurt themselves at any time, so do not hesitate to call us right away. We will be able to provide needed care for your child so that his teeth will be healthy again.

How To Handle a Cracked or Knocked Out Tooth

Dental emergencies can happen to anyone, the young and old, including those who faithfully visit their dentists twice a year for teeth cleaning.  So what should you do if you are faced with a serious dental problem? 

These situations vary, but here are two common dental emergencies and how you should handle them if they happen to you:

A Cracked Tooth

This is one of the most common predicaments you may find yourself in.  If you’ve fallen and cracked a tooth or injured it by some other means, you should pour warm water into a glass and rinse your mouth with the water immediately.

In addition, if your mouth is beginning to swell as a result of the injury, place a cold compress on the area.  Then call your dentist for an emergency appointment.

A Knocked Out Tooth

This is another situation that many people face.  If you knocked one of your teeth out, locate the tooth and rinse it with warm water to clean it if it’s dirty.   Do not use soap or any chemicals on the tooth.  Warm water is all that is needed.

Do not allow the tooth to dry out.  It must remain moist. Therefore, if possible, reposition the tooth in the socket and hold it there by biting down on it or pressing down on it with your fingers. If you are unable to do that, place the tooth in a tooth preservation kit, if you own one, or in some milk.  Do not place it in water.

Get to a dentist immediately for an emergency appointment.  The tooth can be saved if you get into a dentist within the hour.

These two dental emergencies happen to adults and children.  However with proper attention by a qualified professional, there can be a solution to these problems.

We Don’t Treat Every Dental Emergency The Same

dentistfixingbrokentoothWith our service you can be sure that we are going to tailor a treatment to your exact needs. We’re not in the business of giving everyone the same care because each set of teeth is different. Here are some examples of what we can do for people in an emergency.

Sometimes you have to go in to get an extraction because the tooth is infected and will become dangerous if you don’t take care of it right away. You are going to find that it does take a while for a tooth to get like this, but when you get to this point you’ll probably be in a lot of pain and have a lot of swelling going on. You cannot try to work with your tooth because even pressing on an infected spot on your gums could make the infection spread into other parts of your body which is why we have to care for the infection sometimes before an extraction.

If you’re an active person, or if you just have an accident such as falling, you could end up injuring yourself in the way of a broken tooth. While sometimes you can just get it capped and be fine, other times you’ll want to get it pulled out right away before it becomes a bigger problem. We’re able to get into the gums and pull teeth that you may have thought were too broken to get a hold of. Talk with us to see what your options are so you don’t pull something you could have easily taken care of.

Once you realize that we are trained to work with your emergency tooth extractions you can feel more at ease in working with us. You should never just leave something like this to chance. We can be contacted and will have you in quickly to care for your particular extraction.

What To Do If Your Tooth Breaks

Have you ever been with your friends at a restaurant enjoying a fine meal when all of a sudden you feel something break in your mouth? You check your chewed food and discover a large piece of one of your teeth has broken off.

Our teeth are one of the strongest tissues in our body and it takes a lot for one of the them to break. However, it can happen to all of us. This will be especially true if your tooth has decay. When it tooth breaks off it usually leaves you in pain because the root may now be exposed.

This pain can be severe and will need to be handled by means of a painkiller. The most important thing to do however is to call your family dentist and make an appointment to see him as soon as possible.

While you wait for your appointment at your dentist’s office to fix your broken tooth there are a few things that you should do…First of all you need to realize that there are different types of breaks. A tooth can be either chipped, broken, or fractured.

A chipped or broken tooth is a lot more serious than a fracture and if possible be treated within two or three hours. The reason why you need to have the tooth treated quickly is because of infection. If infection gets into the broken tooth area it could require having the tooth pulled.

If you have a minor fracture or crack it often is unnoticed. However, if you visit your dentist on a regular basis he will be able to discover this fracture and repair it. You will want to have the fracture repaired as soon as possible so that it does not break in the future.

If your regular dentist is unavailable then you will need to call an emergency dentist in Milwaukee which you can find on this website.

Trauma And Accidents Can Lead To Dental Emergencies

a man with a knocked out toothDental emergencies are often caused by trauma and accidents. Injury to your face or mouth area can be caused when you are playing contact sports or if you are involved in a car accident. Or, your face can hit the floor if you slipped and fell. As a result, your tooth can be broken, knocked loose or completely knocked out. At times like these, it is important to seek emergency dental care right away.

We always have special appointments set aside for patients who need to be seen right away due to an emergency. If your tooth is knocked out, there is a window of time where it is still possible to save your tooth and replant it back into the socket. It is crucial that you see us as soon as possible.

If you wait too long before you see us, you may miss that opportunity in saving your tooth.

Have You Had a Trauma of Accident That Has Caused Injury To Your Teeth or Gums?

There are certain immediate procedures that you should follow in preserving your tooth as you are making your way to our Milwaukee dental clinic.

When your tooth is knocked out, there are gum tissue and roots that are still attached to the tooth. You want to preserve these tissues which are important in replanting your tooth back into your mouth. Pick up your tooth by the crown, not by the roots. Rinse the tooth gently with water to remove any dirt on it, making sure that the gum tissue and roots are not washed off. If possible, put the tooth back into the socket and try to keep it in place as you head to our dental clinic. If your tooth cannot stay in place, put it in some milk or in some saliva in a cup. Control your bleeding and put a cold compress on your face to control the swelling.

If your tooth is knocked out of position but is still attached to its socket, try to gently move your tooth back into position and call us immediately for an emergency appointment.

Every minute counts in saving your tooth. Follow the steps described above and see us right away. We will use every effort in saving your tooth and restoring your beautiful smile.

You only have one set of natural adult teeth. With proper care, your teeth should last you a lifetime. Therefore, if you ever sustain an injury to your teeth due to an accident or trauma, call our Milwaukee office right away to make an emergency dental appointment.

What To Do When Your Child Has a Broken Tooth

smilingfamilyWe understand how important your children are to you and how frightening it can be when they are injured. That is why we are here to help you whenever a dental emergency arises. If your child has broken a tooth, follow these steps and we will be happy to assist you during the medical crisis and beyond.

The first thing you need to do is save the tooth. Rinse it off, without soap or any chemicals. Only touch the part of the tooth that is normally visible. Have the child rinse their mouth out gently with water and attempt to gently place the tooth back in place. It is imperative that you do not force it. If you cannot easily put it in place, put it in a glass of milk.

You should get a cold compress and place it against the face of the child. If the youngster is old enough, have them hold it. This will help to reduce the swelling. Additionally, it will numb the area, which is beneficial if your child is in pain.

Once you have done all of this, call our Milwaukee dental office immediately. We will see you and your child as soon as possible for this emergency. Depending upon your location and the seriousness of the break, we will provide you further information over the telephone. We personally assess each phone call to make certain we understand the condition of your child so that you receive the best treatment possible.

The members of our staff all understand how important it is to you for your child to receive prompt and friendly care during a dental emergency. That is why we strive to do everything possible to assist you in this endeavor. Call us whenever you have a dental crisis.