The 3 Most Frequent Dental Emergencies

A dental assistantDental emergencies can happen at any point in time. However, people tend to ignore them because they do not think the our professionals can help them with the issue. Here are the three most common dental emergencies we deal with on a regular basis.

Broken teeth is an emergency that we tend to see quite frequently. Now the broken teeth can come from a variety of causes, but the most common reason is the teeth are not properly cared for. However, this is a true emergency because you cannot eat, drink, or function without some type of pain.

Dentures are important for people to have because you need to eat and without them you do not have teeth. When you break your dentures you need to realize this is a true dental emergency and one that we treat as well. When you do break your dentures and need to have our assistance, you need to try to bring in all the pieces you can of your dentures.

Abscesses or swelling of your jaw can be an issue you are dealing with as well. While you may not view this as a true dental emergency, it is a problem. If not properly treated the abscess can cost you your tooth or even worse your life if the infection spreads through your body. So this is a true dental emergency that we can help with by getting the abscess drained, treating the cause of the abscess, and providing medication to help fight the infection.

Dental emergencies may not be something you think about as being a major problem. However, you need to realize dental emergencies are a problem that need to be addressed. We have told you here about the top three dental emergencies, but if you do some simple research you will see other emergencies exist and we can easily treat these as well.