Don’t Delay On Repairing An Abscessed Tooth

There are certain dental issues that need to be treated with the same fast care as chest pains or other serious medical conditions, and an abscessed tooth is one of those. The problem is that an abscessed tooth is often mistaken for just being a tooth ache, and that can be a really serious mistake.

The Symptoms
An abscessed tooth is normally easy to identify. Aside from major throbbing pain up in the gums or root area of a tooth, there is often major swelling in the gums. An abscessed tooth is a bacterial infection and because of that, it is especially serious.

Common Symptoms Include:
– Bad breath
– Fever
– Swelling & severe pain
– Problem chewing
– Severe temperature sensitivity to hot and cold
– Open sores in the mouth

These are just the beginning, however. It’s important to understand that when left untreated, this infection can easily spread into the blood which can then go through your system and especially to affecting your heart. This leads to severe medical issues and complications that can almost always be avoided if the abscessed tooth is treated immediately.

Even in situations where it may take time to get an oral surgeon to extract the tooth, dentists will want patients suffering from an abscessed tooth to get on antibiotics immediately to lessen the chance of the infection spreading and at the very least keep it contained and better controlled.

Not A Minor Problem
An abscessed tooth will at the very least need a root canal, careful medication, and special treatment. However, there are also many times when having an abscessed tooth also means that the tooth will eventually have to be removed. This is often the case with severe tooth decay, so it’s not a problem that should be put off. There are too many health ramifications – so get any abscessed tooth treated as quickly as possible.

24 Hour Dental Care Available Now

dentistPeople who have cavities often do not plan to have them. They simply just occur. It’s almost impossible to know when a cavity is going to strike, and if it is on a weekend, you might think that it’s impossible to get help right away for the pain you are experiencing.

Fortunately, there are many dental practices that offer 24-hour services, dentist that will be ready to help you on a moments notice. If they are in your city, they will advertise on the web, in your newspaper, or you may know someone that has used one recently. This article will discuss how you can find 24-hour dental care that is available right now for you to help you with your problem today.


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Locating 24 Hour Dental Care Facilities

If you are struggling with dental care problems, such as a root canal that needs to be done, a broken tooth, or you simply need to have a cavity fixed, you can find people that offer dental services around the clock, dental practices that are typically in larger urban areas. Even if you live in a small community, there might be a 24-hour service that is available, allowing you to get the help that you need right away. You simply have to search for them on the web, using local searching terms, specifically your town, the word “dental practice”, and perhaps “24 hours”.

No matter what type of dental emergency you you are having right now, you can more than likely get help for it right away. Just call a 24-hour dental practice that is open all day and night, ready to help you get the help that you need. Although this will be slightly more expensive, if you do have insurance, it will save you quite a bit of money. The most important thing to consider is that you need to have dental work done right away, and to do so, you must use the tips in this article to find a 24-hour dental practice.

How To Know If You Have a Dental Emergency

A woman with toothacheWhat Is A Dental Emergency And How Do I Tell If I Have One?

People will call us with a question that’s urgent from time to time and they want to know if they have a problem with a dental emergency. While you’re not going to be turned away during a problem you’re having, you will need to know what an emergency consists of so you know when to let the dentist know you need help.

A Tooth That’s Fractured

While you don’t have to get emergency help in every situation where you fracture a tooth, you may find that it’s really severe. If you have a severe aching in your tooth then¬† you probably will need emergency help.

Swelling That’s Bad

If you’re having a problem with swelling and not being able to comfort yourself it could mean that you’re dealing with an infection. If your gums are swollen in any way then it’s probably a good idea to call in for help.

If You’ve Had A Tooth Knocked Out

Apply a warm compress to your gums where the tooth came out so you can stop the blood from flowing there. You should take the tooth along for the dentist visit because they may be able to put that tooth back in.

When You Have An Extruded Tooth

An extruded tooth is when you have a tooth that’s not in the right place and it’s hurting you because it’s sticking out forward or backwards. Don’t try adjusting your tooth by yourself, we are able to fix it for you.

A Tooth That’s Abscessed

If you’re dealing with an abscessed tooth it will swell up and there will be pus coming from it while it turns another color. Even if nothing in particular caused this, you need to get help with this because it is a dental emergency.

When you have any doubts about this sort of thing you shouldn’t hesitate to give us a call.. We will let you know whether or not you have an emergency and what you can do about it.

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