What To Do If You Have A Toothache On A Weekend

facialswellingYou should seek emergency dental care immediately if you suffer from a serious toothache. What should you do if you experience a toothache during a weekend?

You should actively look for an emergency dentist in your area. Use the Internet to find dentists within driving distance and call them to explain that you are in need of emergency dental care on the weekend. If you cannot find anyone in your area, ask someone to drive you to the nearest dentist you can find.

Take care of your toothache by applying cold compresses to the area. You can also take aspirin or ibuprofen to make the pain go away. You should not apply aspiring to your gums. This could cause severe burn to your gums and make the pain worse.

Do not take any other pain medications. Over the counter remedies such as aspirin or ibuprofen can help but any pain medication that requires a prescription might not be adapted to your needs. If you are in severe pain, the best thing to do is call your doctor to see if they can prescribe anything to help.

Your priority should be to find a dentist who can treat the toothache. Toothaches can be caused by infections, which can quickly spread to other teeth and even other parts of the body. Don’t hesitate to drive to the nearest emergency dentist you can find instead of waiting for your usual dentist to resume business on Monday.

Toothaches can be easily prevented by adopting a good dental hygiene. You should also schedule at least two dentist appointments a year to have your teeth cleaned and inspected. This should help prevent many dental conditions. Remember that your priority should be to find a dentist who can help you if you find yourself facing a dental health emergency.