Four Dental Symptoms That Will Have A Patient Seek Treatment

There are many reasons why a person may seek the services of a dentist on an emergency basis.  It is important to realize that what constitutes an emergency for one person may not be an emergency for another.  The following four reasons are at the top of the list as to why emergency dental care might be needed.

The loss of a tooth is a dental emergency that might be seen on a fairly regular basis.  Often times the amount of time that elapses between the loss of the tooth and dental treatment might be the difference between saving the tooth and losing the tooth.  The longer treatment is delayed, the worse the chance of the tooth being saved.

Along these same lines is a chipped, or fractured, tooth.  External damage to a tooth can also be indicative of internal damage to the tooth.  Depending on the damage to the tooth, treatment may range from splinting the tooth to adjacent teeth or possible root canal.  Treatment options will be decided after taking x-rays of the damaged tooth.

Another reason that might require emergency dental care is tissue injury to the mouth.  Tissue injuries include tears and lacerations to the tongue, lips and cheeks.  Tissue injury is often an indicator of possible damage to the teeth inside the mouth.

Excessive bleeding from an injury to the mouth, or teeth, inside can be a true dental emergency.  A patient on anticoagulants can not control their bleeding like someone that is not on medication.  Any bleeding could turn into a life threatening emergency.

The reasons above are just a few that might have a person seeking out emergency dental treatment in Milwaukee.  Often times the earliest treatment has the best chance at saving the injured tooth.

24 Hour Pediatric Dentistry in the Milwaukee Area

image_childrensChildren can injure themselves at the most unexpected moments, and the shock and pain of an injury can easily send them into hysterics. When your child injures or damages a tooth, it may be virtually impossible to console him. Under such circumstances, the best thing that you can do is to bring him to our dental office as quickly as possible.

Teeth that have been chipped or knocked out can be quite painful, and younger children may not understand what is going on. If a tooth has come out, first determine whether it was a baby tooth or a permanent one. We may be able to re-implant a permanent tooth if you bring your child in to our office right away.

Rinse the root of the tooth in cold water and try to place it back in the socket. Your child can bite down on some gauze to keep the tooth in place while you bring him to our office. If a baby tooth has been knocked out, we will not try to re-implant it, since it would have come out anyway. However, the trauma of the injury still needs to be dealt with.

Any dental injury needs immediate attention if the long-term consequences are to be kept to a minimum. As soon as you can, bring your child to our office. We will make sure that he receives the highest level of care. You can sit with your child to help him stay calm as we treat his injury.

Emergency dental care for children in Milwaukee is available at all hours of day or night. Children can hurt themselves at any time, so do not hesitate to call us right away. We will be able to provide needed care for your child so that his teeth will be healthy again.