How Your Weekend Can Get Ruined By A Dental Emergency

A dental emergency can really ruin a weekend. There are a few different ways that this can happen. Most people know that dental emergencies can cause a lot of pain and make it nearly impossible to get through a weekend without some kind of help.

One thing you can expect to make life rough over a weekend is a tooth infection. This is something that can make your mouth swell and can even cause death if the infection spreads in extreme situations. If you are faced with this problem and cannot make it through the weekend, then you should go to the hospital when an emergency dental appointment is out of the question. They can give you antibiotics and pain medication to help you get through until you are able to go and see your dentist in the near future.

Dental problems that can occur include breaking a tooth in an accident. This can be painful if you have it break down to the root. It may also turn into a problem if there is a cavity that makes your tooth rot to the root. You can generally use over the counter remedies to help you get through the weekend. If the pain is extreme and you feel like you need emergency help, you can try contacting your dentist or find an emergency clinic to visit in your area. Keep in mind it costs extra to get emergency help, so if you can wait, that is ideal.

There are a lot of problems that can occur during times when the Milwaukee dental office you go to regularly isn’t open. The weekend is a terrible time to have a problem, but in the event of extreme issues, you can probably find assistance. When you’re in pain you will find yourself trying anything to work with it and get away from it.

How To Save A Broken Tooth

Broken ToothIt’s incredibly important that you keep an emergency dentist on speed dial, just in case an accident occurs. You never know when you might have an accident that hits your mouth in just the right way to cause a tooth to break. But if a tooth is broken is there anything to be done about it? What steps can you take to make sure your emergency dental procedure goes as smoothly as possible?

The first thing I always tell patients who ask me these questions is that you need to put the broken piece of tooth into a cup of milk, if at all possible. The calcium of the milk will allow the tooth to stay moist and alive, which means that it can be put back together much more easily. I recall one such patient who had tripped during a game of bowling, and had hit his mouth on his bowling ball. It caused his front right tooth to snap clean in half.

Luckily, he had been smart enough to take the piece of tooth, and place it in a cup of milk as soon as possible. Because of this, I was able to use a dental epoxy to put the tooth piece back in place, instead of having to go the more expensive route of applying a dental crown.

So yes. Always place the piece of tooth in a cup of milk. If you don’t have milk available, water will work, but milk is much better. Water will at least keep the tooth piece from drying out and making it hard and brittle, but the calcium will keep the tooth as alive as it would be in your mouth. And of course, make sure to call an emergency dentist as soon as possible.

Emergency Dental Care: Four Symptoms Not to Be Ignored

swollengumsNobody likes going to the dentist. I cannot think of one person of my acquaintance who looks forward to that necessary obligation. But sometimes it cannot be avoided. At some point in your life, you too may find yourself in need of emergency dental care.

Listed below are four symptoms that should not be ignored. Seek emergency dental care immediately if you experience any of these symptoms.

1. Cracked or broken Tooth
If you discover a crack or break in a teeth, you should have it repaired by a dentist immediately. A cracked tooth is vulnerable to decay. This means that, if ignored, the small crack could well become a cavity. Absent treatment, that cavity will continue to decay until it becomes unsalvageable. This would result in the removal of that tooth, or an emergency root canal.

If it decays it may also cause bad breath as well as increasingly intense pain. All of this can be avoided by seeing a dentist as soon as you become aware of a cracked or broken tooth.

2. A Knocked Out Tooth
Besides an unsightly gap in your mouth, this too can lead to serious problems from decay to cavities to removal of the remaining root. After that, expensive bridgework would be necessary, work that may or may not be covered by your insurance.

3. Painful or Swollen Gums
If you experience a growing pain that becomes more and more severe with time and is accompanied by swelling, you likely have yourself an abscessed tooth. This can be very painful. The abscess and throbbing means it is severely infected and needs immediate attention. Consider an abscessed tooth a dental emergency.

4. Lost Filling
If you ignore a lost filling, you will eventually pay for it in the form of major dental work due to the deterioration of that tooth.

Remember, good dental maintenance is your friend. It can help you prevent all four of the above scenarios. So be smart and don’t ignore dental emergencies.

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