What To Do When a Crown Comes Loose Or Breaks

crownsceramic-generaldentistryGot a Loose or Broken Crown?

Even though “permanent” crowns are supposed to be permanent, the reality is that some might last a lifetime, but some may only last five to ten years. It really depends upon the condition of the tooth that is supporting the crown, how the crown was adhered to your mouth, and your own dental hygiene practices. At one time or another, people with crowns should not be surprised if they break off or come loose.

What To Do When A Crown Comes Off

After biting into an apple or even flossing, a crown might come loose. The best thing to do first is to get the broken crown out of your mouth, so you don’t accidentally swallow it or, even worse, breathe it in. The second thing to do is to call us to schedule and appointment and get instructions about what to do in the meantime!

Is There Pain?

Most of the time, there probably won’t be any pain. If there is severe pain, it could be a sign that nerves are exposed and, in some cases, they might already be infected. In this case, it is important to contact the dentist office for an emergency appointment as quickly as possible.

If there is no pain, this situation still calls for a quick trip to our dental office, but it isn’t an emergency. Contact us for an appointment as quickly as possible. The person who makes appointments at the dental office will probably ask you to describe the crown and make an appointment within the next few days, but he or she may not treat it as an actual emergency.

Home Care Of Broken Crowns

It is probably a good idea to save the crown. If it is just a case of the cement coming loose, the old crown might simply get glued back on the dentist. In fact, there is even over-the-counter dental cement that can be purchased at the drug store. The dental office might advice you to use this until the dental appointment. If so, carefully follow instructions on the package.

In any case, rinse the crown off in warm water and save it inside of a baggy. The dentist may be able to use it. If not, he or she might still want to see it to understand how the damage was done and how to prevent it in the future.

If you can’t replace the crown, make sure your mouth is kept as clean as possible in order to avoid infection. While you might want to avoid touching that tooth with food or a toothbrush, be sure to rinse your mouth. Just be sure to schedule that appointment with our Milwaukee dental office quickly, so we can get you all fixed up with a “whole” tooth!