Solving Dental Problems On The Weekend

As a dentist, I know that a lot of the time people have problems when my offices are not open. There are just too many things that people don’t get taken care of when they should. I also have people contact me on the weekend when they get into accidents. Here are some tips I can give to people so they can avoid or take care or problems.

One thing that I see all the time are people that have accidents where they chip or break a tooth completely. This can be painful because it can harm the nerve and if you’re in a bad accident you can even expose that nerve and it is very hard for people to deal with this kind of pain. I suggest that if this happens to someone, they get to a dental professional right away, even on an emergency basis if they want the tooth to be saved.

I’ve also had to talk with patients and come to the office and call in some prescriptions for infections on the weekend for some people. There are a lot of times when you cannot just let an infection go because if it gets bad and spreads to the blood stream, you could face a very bad situation. I’ve been able to get people through the weekend, but if it’s really bad I will help them to get in to see an emergency specialist so their health is not at risk.

There are so many things that your teeth can have gone wrong with them, or your oral health can have problems in general. I recommend that everyone has a dentist they can turn to in case of emergencies. I don’t like to see anyone in pain, but I do understand that these things cannot be helped at all times.