3 Dental Emergencies That Must Be Treated Immediately

Three Dental Emergencies You Need to Have Treated Immediately

While many uncomfortable dental conditions can wait until your next scheduled appointment, there are some instances where you need to contact our offices immediately. These dental concerns cannot and should not wait. Left untreated for any length of time, these may end up causing greater pain and financial obligations if you wait.

Broken Tooth Emergencies

If you or someone else has broken a tooth, you need to save the tooth and contact us right away. The tooth should not be washed and needs to be kept moist. Attempt to place it back in the area if possible. Otherwise, hold it between your gum and cheek or in a glass of milk until you reach our office.

Swollen Gums and Face

If you suddenly notice swelling of your gums and face, you most likely have an infection. It is important that you get on an antibiotic routine as soon as possible. You absolutely do not want the infection spreading elsewhere, particularly considering the close proximity of the brain to your gums.

Object Stuck in Mouth

If you have a piece of food or another object get wedged between your teeth, you may attempt to gently remove it. However, if it does not respond to normal efforts, do not force the situation. Instead, call our emergency number.

Left for longer periods of time, the foreign object will cause considerable pain and may lead to infection. Our staff will remove it for you and treat the area to ensure it heals properly.

If you experience any of these situations, do not hesitate to give us a call any time of day or night. We will gladly see you and provide the appropriate treatment so you can enjoy better oral health. In many instances, we will set up a follow-up visit to ensure your mouth is healing properly.