3 Dental Emergencies That Must Be Treated Immediately

Three Dental Emergencies You Need to Have Treated Immediately

While many uncomfortable dental conditions can wait until your next scheduled appointment, there are some instances where you need to contact our offices immediately. These dental concerns cannot and should not wait. Left untreated for any length of time, these may end up causing greater pain and financial obligations if you wait.

Broken Tooth Emergencies

If you or someone else has broken a tooth, you need to save the tooth and contact us right away. The tooth should not be washed and needs to be kept moist. Attempt to place it back in the area if possible. Otherwise, hold it between your gum and cheek or in a glass of milk until you reach our office.

Swollen Gums and Face

If you suddenly notice swelling of your gums and face, you most likely have an infection. It is important that you get on an antibiotic routine as soon as possible. You absolutely do not want the infection spreading elsewhere, particularly considering the close proximity of the brain to your gums.

Object Stuck in Mouth

If you have a piece of food or another object get wedged between your teeth, you may attempt to gently remove it. However, if it does not respond to normal efforts, do not force the situation. Instead, call our emergency number.

Left for longer periods of time, the foreign object will cause considerable pain and may lead to infection. Our staff will remove it for you and treat the area to ensure it heals properly.

If you experience any of these situations, do not hesitate to give us a call any time of day or night. We will gladly see you and provide the appropriate treatment so you can enjoy better oral health. In many instances, we will set up a follow-up visit to ensure your mouth is healing properly.

How Your Weekend Can Get Ruined By A Dental Emergency

A dental emergency can really ruin a weekend. There are a few different ways that this can happen. Most people know that dental emergencies can cause a lot of pain and make it nearly impossible to get through a weekend without some kind of help.

One thing you can expect to make life rough over a weekend is a tooth infection. This is something that can make your mouth swell and can even cause death if the infection spreads in extreme situations. If you are faced with this problem and cannot make it through the weekend, then you should go to the hospital when an emergency dental appointment is out of the question. They can give you antibiotics and pain medication to help you get through until you are able to go and see your dentist in the near future.

Dental problems that can occur include breaking a tooth in an accident. This can be painful if you have it break down to the root. It may also turn into a problem if there is a cavity that makes your tooth rot to the root. You can generally use over the counter remedies to help you get through the weekend. If the pain is extreme and you feel like you need emergency help, you can try contacting your dentist or find an emergency clinic to visit in your area. Keep in mind it costs extra to get emergency help, so if you can wait, that is ideal.

There are a lot of problems that can occur during times when the Milwaukee dental office you go to regularly isn’t open. The weekend is a terrible time to have a problem, but in the event of extreme issues, you can probably find assistance. When you’re in pain you will find yourself trying anything to work with it and get away from it.

What To Do To Save A Tooth That Was Knocked Out

oralsurgeryA tooth can be knocked out when something strikes your face by accident. It can happen when you are playing sports, when you slip and fall, or when someone accidentally hits your mouth area at home or at work. Accidents can happen at any time.

When your tooth is knocked out, it is important that you see us immediately so that we can save your tooth and replant it back into place.

Here is what you should do to preserve your tooth while you are en route to our Milwaukee dental office.

When your tooth is knocked out, find it right away to prevent it from getting damaged further. When you find it, pick it up carefully by its crown. It is important not to disturb the root or gum tissues that are still attached to the tooth because the tissues have cells that will be crucial to the successful replant of your tooth.

Very gently rinse your tooth with water to clean off the dirt. If there is milk available, rinse it in milk. If not, use only water, without any soap or other cleansers. Avoid scrubbing the tooth. You want to leave as much of the tissue on the root as possible. Do not dry your tooth with anything because it should stay wet.

Carefully try to put the tooth back into its socket by slowly inserting your tooth into it. Make sure that your tooth is facing the right way. Do not push too hard. Hold the tooth in place by gently biting down on it or by using your fingers. If your tooth cannot be reinserted, or if it cannot stay in position, put your tooth in a cup that contains a bit of milk or some of your saliva. This will keep the cells on your tooth alive long enough as you are making your way to our clinic. Do not just put your tooth in tap water because the cells on the roots will have less chance of survival in just plain water.

If available, put a cold compress against the outside of your face to control the swelling and to reduce the pain.

Try to get to our Milwaukee dental clinic within a half hour. The sooner you can see us, the better chance you will have in saving your tooth. We will do everything possible to replant your tooth back into its rightful place.

3 Dental Emergencies We Can Help With Right Away

You need to make sure you work with us when you’re dealing with a dental emergency. Here are some of the more common ones that you’ll want to get help with.

1. Infection

If you have an abscess that is now infected you’re going to want to get this cared for as soon as possible. When infections first start up, they may just hurt or cause your breath to become bad, but if they aren’t cared for they can spread. Any kind of infection that spreads to your blood becomes deadly which is why we need to help you with this as soon as possible.

2. Broken Tooth

If you break a tooth for any reason then you need to get it taken care of before things get worse. Some of the time we can repair the tooth, other times there are other treatments we can work with you on. The longer you let a crack or a break go untreated, the more likely you are to lose the whole tooth. As soon as you have a problem with a broken tooth call us even if you don’t feel any pain so you don’t risk losing most of the tooth.

3. A growth of some kind that just starts forming on your gums can be a number of problems. If you haven’t harmed yourself by doing something like having a sharp piece of food go into your gums and they’re just swelling up, you need to get help right away. Sometimes you may have a problem with infections, allergic reactions, or something else that could be going on. Other times it may just be something simple that we can tell you about, but we’d rather you be safe than sorry when it comes to random swelling.

We can treat all dental emergencies in the Milwaukee area. If you have an urgent need to see a dentist, even if it’s late at night or on the weekend, please give us a call.

Four Dental Symptoms That Will Have A Patient Seek Treatment

There are many reasons why a person may seek the services of a dentist on an emergency basis.  It is important to realize that what constitutes an emergency for one person may not be an emergency for another.  The following four reasons are at the top of the list as to why emergency dental care might be needed.

The loss of a tooth is a dental emergency that might be seen on a fairly regular basis.  Often times the amount of time that elapses between the loss of the tooth and dental treatment might be the difference between saving the tooth and losing the tooth.  The longer treatment is delayed, the worse the chance of the tooth being saved.

Along these same lines is a chipped, or fractured, tooth.  External damage to a tooth can also be indicative of internal damage to the tooth.  Depending on the damage to the tooth, treatment may range from splinting the tooth to adjacent teeth or possible root canal.  Treatment options will be decided after taking x-rays of the damaged tooth.

Another reason that might require emergency dental care is tissue injury to the mouth.  Tissue injuries include tears and lacerations to the tongue, lips and cheeks.  Tissue injury is often an indicator of possible damage to the teeth inside the mouth.

Excessive bleeding from an injury to the mouth, or teeth, inside can be a true dental emergency.  A patient on anticoagulants can not control their bleeding like someone that is not on medication.  Any bleeding could turn into a life threatening emergency.

The reasons above are just a few that might have a person seeking out emergency dental treatment in Milwaukee.  Often times the earliest treatment has the best chance at saving the injured tooth.

How To Save A Broken Tooth

Broken ToothIt’s incredibly important that you keep an emergency dentist on speed dial, just in case an accident occurs. You never know when you might have an accident that hits your mouth in just the right way to cause a tooth to break. But if a tooth is broken is there anything to be done about it? What steps can you take to make sure your emergency dental procedure goes as smoothly as possible?

The first thing I always tell patients who ask me these questions is that you need to put the broken piece of tooth into a cup of milk, if at all possible. The calcium of the milk will allow the tooth to stay moist and alive, which means that it can be put back together much more easily. I recall one such patient who had tripped during a game of bowling, and had hit his mouth on his bowling ball. It caused his front right tooth to snap clean in half.

Luckily, he had been smart enough to take the piece of tooth, and place it in a cup of milk as soon as possible. Because of this, I was able to use a dental epoxy to put the tooth piece back in place, instead of having to go the more expensive route of applying a dental crown.

So yes. Always place the piece of tooth in a cup of milk. If you don’t have milk available, water will work, but milk is much better. Water will at least keep the tooth piece from drying out and making it hard and brittle, but the calcium will keep the tooth as alive as it would be in your mouth. And of course, make sure to call an emergency dentist as soon as possible.

24 Hour Pediatric Dentistry in the Milwaukee Area

image_childrensChildren can injure themselves at the most unexpected moments, and the shock and pain of an injury can easily send them into hysterics. When your child injures or damages a tooth, it may be virtually impossible to console him. Under such circumstances, the best thing that you can do is to bring him to our dental office as quickly as possible.

Teeth that have been chipped or knocked out can be quite painful, and younger children may not understand what is going on. If a tooth has come out, first determine whether it was a baby tooth or a permanent one. We may be able to re-implant a permanent tooth if you bring your child in to our office right away.

Rinse the root of the tooth in cold water and try to place it back in the socket. Your child can bite down on some gauze to keep the tooth in place while you bring him to our office. If a baby tooth has been knocked out, we will not try to re-implant it, since it would have come out anyway. However, the trauma of the injury still needs to be dealt with.

Any dental injury needs immediate attention if the long-term consequences are to be kept to a minimum. As soon as you can, bring your child to our office. We will make sure that he receives the highest level of care. You can sit with your child to help him stay calm as we treat his injury.

Emergency dental care for children in Milwaukee is available at all hours of day or night. Children can hurt themselves at any time, so do not hesitate to call us right away. We will be able to provide needed care for your child so that his teeth will be healthy again.

The 3 Most Frequent Dental Emergencies

A dental assistantDental emergencies can happen at any point in time. However, people tend to ignore them because they do not think the our professionals can help them with the issue. Here are the three most common dental emergencies we deal with on a regular basis.

Broken teeth is an emergency that we tend to see quite frequently. Now the broken teeth can come from a variety of causes, but the most common reason is the teeth are not properly cared for. However, this is a true emergency because you cannot eat, drink, or function without some type of pain.

Dentures are important for people to have because you need to eat and without them you do not have teeth. When you break your dentures you need to realize this is a true dental emergency and one that we treat as well. When you do break your dentures and need to have our assistance, you need to try to bring in all the pieces you can of your dentures.

Abscesses or swelling of your jaw can be an issue you are dealing with as well. While you may not view this as a true dental emergency, it is a problem. If not properly treated the abscess can cost you your tooth or even worse your life if the infection spreads through your body. So this is a true dental emergency that we can help with by getting the abscess drained, treating the cause of the abscess, and providing medication to help fight the infection.

Dental emergencies may not be something you think about as being a major problem. However, you need to realize dental emergencies are a problem that need to be addressed. We have told you here about the top three dental emergencies, but if you do some simple research you will see other emergencies exist and we can easily treat these as well.

How To Handle a Cracked or Knocked Out Tooth

Dental emergencies can happen to anyone, the young and old, including those who faithfully visit their dentists twice a year for teeth cleaning.  So what should you do if you are faced with a serious dental problem? 

These situations vary, but here are two common dental emergencies and how you should handle them if they happen to you:

A Cracked Tooth

This is one of the most common predicaments you may find yourself in.  If you’ve fallen and cracked a tooth or injured it by some other means, you should pour warm water into a glass and rinse your mouth with the water immediately.

In addition, if your mouth is beginning to swell as a result of the injury, place a cold compress on the area.  Then call your dentist for an emergency appointment.

A Knocked Out Tooth

This is another situation that many people face.  If you knocked one of your teeth out, locate the tooth and rinse it with warm water to clean it if it’s dirty.   Do not use soap or any chemicals on the tooth.  Warm water is all that is needed.

Do not allow the tooth to dry out.  It must remain moist. Therefore, if possible, reposition the tooth in the socket and hold it there by biting down on it or pressing down on it with your fingers. If you are unable to do that, place the tooth in a tooth preservation kit, if you own one, or in some milk.  Do not place it in water.

Get to a dentist immediately for an emergency appointment.  The tooth can be saved if you get into a dentist within the hour.

These two dental emergencies happen to adults and children.  However with proper attention by a qualified professional, there can be a solution to these problems.

What To Do If Your Tooth Breaks

Have you ever been with your friends at a restaurant enjoying a fine meal when all of a sudden you feel something break in your mouth? You check your chewed food and discover a large piece of one of your teeth has broken off.

Our teeth are one of the strongest tissues in our body and it takes a lot for one of the them to break. However, it can happen to all of us. This will be especially true if your tooth has decay. When it tooth breaks off it usually leaves you in pain because the root may now be exposed.

This pain can be severe and will need to be handled by means of a painkiller. The most important thing to do however is to call your family dentist and make an appointment to see him as soon as possible.

While you wait for your appointment at your dentist’s office to fix your broken tooth there are a few things that you should do…First of all you need to realize that there are different types of breaks. A tooth can be either chipped, broken, or fractured.

A chipped or broken tooth is a lot more serious than a fracture and if possible be treated within two or three hours. The reason why you need to have the tooth treated quickly is because of infection. If infection gets into the broken tooth area it could require having the tooth pulled.

If you have a minor fracture or crack it often is unnoticed. However, if you visit your dentist on a regular basis he will be able to discover this fracture and repair it. You will want to have the fracture repaired as soon as possible so that it does not break in the future.

If your regular dentist is unavailable then you will need to call an emergency dentist in Milwaukee which you can find on this website.