5 Types Of Emergencies We Can Treat

Living with pain in your mouth is not something you want to experience for an extended period of time. Pay our dentist a visit to give yourself the opportunity to alleviate your pain. The longer you allow a dental emergency to persist the more you put your mouth and body at risk to become damaged as well. An infection in the mouth can easily spread down to the throat and damage the esophagus and heart.

Visit our Milwaukee emergency dental offices if you are in need of a tooth extraction. Avoid removing a tooth a loose tooth on your own because if removed inappropriately it can severely damage your nerves. Other services we offer include providing patients with a replacement filling, bridge, or crown that has fallen out of the mouth. Should you also experience swelling in your gums we can provide treatment and medicine to help reduce your swelling. Any large gashes or scars in your mouth should also be examined and if necessary treated, pay our offices a visit if you have a big gash that needs to be closed. Lastly, another emergency dental service we provide is give you anesthesia if the pain you are experiencing is too much to handle.

Give us a call or visit our offices to learn more about the types of emergency treatments we provide at our dentist office. A commonly overlooked part of the body that becomes damaged regularly but is hardly treated is the mouth. Your oral hygiene and health is important to the overall function of your body. Believe it or not there is a direct connection between oral hygiene and the body’s cardiovascular system. Make sure you take the time to care for your oral health the next time an emergency arises, and remember we are here to help.