24 Hr. Emergency Dentist
Available to the Residents of Waukesha , WI

Are you experiencing a dental emergency? If you’re in pain you do not need to wait only to let a bad situation get worse. Severe tooth and/or gum pain is typically a sign that something is very wrong and in need of immediate dental care.

Emergency Dental Care for the Residents of
, WI


Likewise, having loose or broken dentures, or other dental work, may mean that you are living with missing teeth.

Emergency dentists specialize in handling these types of situations when most dentists are unavailable. If you live in Waukesha call the number above for urgent dental care. In many situations you can be seen immediately.

Broken or Chipped Teeth – Tooth pain – Bleeding or Swollen Gums – Abscess
Broken or Loose Dentures, Crowns & Bridges…

Immediate Appointments – Many Dental Insurance Plans Accepted


Questions Your Emergency Dentist Will Ask

There are a few things that your emergency dentist is going to want to know when you contact them with a problem.  Each question that they ask you will help them to better serve you and understand your particular emergency.  Please attempt to remain calm or have someone else do the talking if it too painful.

One of the first questions will be: Are you a current patient of this practice? This is important so that the dentist can access any records of your previous visits.  It is always important to have a beginning point when examining a dental emergency.  Otherwise it might possibly be difficult to determine how severe the damage to your mouth is.

Another important question that will be asked is: Do you have insurance that will cover this emergency visit and any proposed treatment?  While a dentist is there to help, they are also a business.  Insurance will need to be discussed to see what will be covered.  If you do not have insurance, there will be a discussion about whether or not the emergency dentist does payment plans.

Perhaps the most important question that will be asked of you is: How or what happened to cause this emergency?  Without the proper information, it might be hard to decide on the proper course of treatment.  Please try to be as detail oriented as to what happened to you.  If it is difficult or painful for you to talk, then try to bring someone that witnessed the incident to explain what happened.  There may be underlying injuries that may not be immediately evident, but with a good scene description, these hidden injuries can be investigated.

This is just a sampling of important questions that an emergency dentist will ask when you call for treatment.  Each of these questions are important and will help with your treatment and recovery.  Please try to be as thorough and detail oriented as you can be when answering.

Emergency Dental Care For the Residents of
, WI


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